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Forming a coating on a metal surface produced by electrochemical treatment through anodic oxidation. This process may be used to increase the protective effect of aluminium's transparent natural oxide surface. It may also be given a decorative coloration.


A solid extrusion that is long in relation to cross section, which is square or rectangular (excluding plate or flattened wire) with sharp or rounded corners or edges; or is a regular hexagon or octagon; and in which at least one perpendicular distance between parallel faces is 0.375 inch or greater. (Smaller sizes are classified as wire.)


Solid in form, commonly cylindrical, charged into the extrusion press cylinder. It is usually a cast product.

Coating Continuous film on the surface of a product.
Die In extrusion process, a steel tool with an opening through which heated aluminium billet is forced by pressure, resulting in cross-sectional shape.
Extrusion Process where aluminium billet is forced through a die by pressure.
Extruded  Profile A product that is long in relation to its cross-sectional dimensions, having a cross-section other than those of wire, rod, bar and tube, produced by hot extrusion. Formerly termed a shape.
Stretching In extrusion: straightening an aluminium profile by pulling to straighten the profile. An average stretch increases the length by about one-half of one percent.
Solid Profile Any profile other than a hollow or semi hollow.
Semi hollow Profile An extruded profile, any part of whose cross section partially encloses a void, the area of which is substantially greater than the square of the width of the gap.
Tube A hollow wrought product that is long in relation to its cross section, which is symmetrical and is round, a regular hexagon or octagon, elliptical, or square or rectangular with sharp or rounded corners, and that has uniform wall thickness except as affected by corner radii.
Temper The combination of hardness and strength imparted to a metal by mechanical or thermal treatments and characterized by certain metallurgical structures and mechanical properties determining temper designation.
Tensile Strength In tensile testing, the ratio of maximum load to original cross-sectional area. Also called Ultimate Strength.
Thermal Conductivity The ability of a material to transmit heat through its bulk and, by direct contact, to other substances. Aluminium is a good heat conductor and is widely used in cookware and in radiators and other heat exchangers.
Tolerance Allowable deviation from a nominal or specified dimension.
Yield Strength The stress at which a material exhibits a specified permanent set. The offset used for aluminium and its alloys is 0.2 percent of gauge length. For aluminium alloys, the yield strengths in tension and compression are approximately equal.





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