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Business Philosophy

PEL shall be perceived as the most sought after market-driven, innovative and value-adding aluminium product solutions providing organisation by leveraging business know-how, creativity and cost-effectiveness. Technical expertise coupled with the efficient cost and capital management in all vistas of functioning will ascertain PELís competitiveness. Fountainhead organic growth that will be complemented by strategic expansions in the global markets shall further strengthen PELís market position. 

At PEL, everything will be done that is based on the needs of the markets served and their customers. Only by being customer-centric will PEL achieve true and fulfilling commercial value in all our operations. PEL will constantly thrive to coceptualise and identify optimally intelligent product solutions to both problems and opportunities. This emphasis will be based on developing and nurturing an innovative and creative work environment at all work locations. 

PEL will support all their employees and equipped them with the required tools to ensure their constant commitment and willingness to perform effectively and consistently. 

As a prelude to create value for our stakeholders, PEL shall be an ethical, attractive, health, safety, environmental and profitability conscious equal-opportunity employer.





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